Streamline Your Communication, Your Way
The communication application designed to cut through the noise and ensure your message gets across loud and clear. Perfect for individuals and organizations seeking a tailored and efficient communication experience in an era of information overload.
Multiple Systems, Multiple Accounts
Setting access and permissions manually cross various systems can be time-consuming and error-prone. Users often have multiple accounts and credentials for different platforms and services, leading to a fragmented and frustrating user experience.
Where is my Contract?
Failing to manage employees contracts will cause:
  • Expired contracts
  • Accountability gaps
  • Potential disputes
Missing Important News?
Insufficient communication of vital announcements and updates to the user base can have detrimental effects on user engagement, comprehension, and trust:
  • Lack of awareness
  • Missed opportunities
  • Lower adoption rates
  • Too many unread emails
  • Confusion and frustration
One Identity
StemeXe core offers a centralized user access management system, allowing administrators to efficiently grant and revoke access rights for users and subgroups. Users have a single identity that grants them access to various systems with a single sign on streamlining the login process and enhancing convenience.
Smart Contract sounds like a Smart Idea!
Use smart contracts for your employees to:
  • Avoid expired contracts
  • Enhance transparency
  • Foster a culture of accountability
Stay Updated
A built-in announcement system, enabling the organization to spread awareness efficiently and ensure that important information reaches all relevant users and subgroups, with the ability to share public news to employees social media.
  • Centralized Communication
  • Timely and targeted messaging
  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Easier interaction
  • Amplified reach of announcements
And Yet More ..
One iDentity
Users access, group communication and people connections just got smarter
The Adoption Journey
1) Connect your Team: Get started effortlessly by downloading the iDenedi App and creating a group to invite your employees. With iDenedi, you can easily connect your entire team, share smart contracts, and organize them into subgroups based on their roles. 2) Spread your Message: Create private and public announcements on iDenedi, allowing your employees to stay up to date and to share these announcements on their social media platforms and expand the reach of your message.
“A very Smart app to manage contacts, create and manage groups, and an outstanding feature of group announcements. For the very first time I experience Smart Contracts. Enjoying using IDENEDI.“ “A great collaborative app. We can make announcements across the company in just few seconds, just loved this. Also the media attachment and link preview is awesome. Not to forget the main part, the contacts management “