The Only Platform Built for Collaborative Distributed Teams
Managing a distributed team has never been easier with ConnecteXe. Our all-in-one virtual office platform allows you to connect, collaborate, and manage your team from anywhere in the world; whether you're a startup, an established business, or anything in between.
Is My Team Even Really There?
After years of working remotely, we have grown tired of looking at green status dots.
Are You Joining?
The frustration when chats go on endlessly, communication isn't clear, and messages are missed.
We Said We'd Meet at 9?
Calendar confusions and meeting mix-ups that end up in missed appointments and wasted time.
But It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way..
With ConnecteXe’s Virtual Office, remote teams can now easily see, interact, and collaborate with each other at all times. <br>Say hello to a virtual office space that keeps everyone connected, productive, and engaged!
A Place - Not A Tool
Give your team a virtual office place to work from
  • Overcome distance and work from anywhere
  • Feel more connected, all day every day
  • Maintain a sense of community & togetherness
  • Socialize in social and coffee break areas
Reach Your Team In Seconds
Get a sense of what’s going on with continuous video streaming
  • See who's around, who's available, and where they're seated
  • Instantly reach out to your team & get things done
  • Eliminate formal meeting fatigue
  • Unlock spontaneous conversations
Work Better Together
Make workdays incredibly productive, satisfying, and fun
  • Engage in fluid one-to-one and group video talks
  • Instantly share screens and collaborate spontaneously
  • Share documents, ideas, and links
  • Increase communication, reduce meetings
Start Working from ConnecteXe

We understand that managing a remote team can be challenging, and existing tools often fall short..

That's why we've developed ConnecteXe, an all-in-one solution that transforms the way you manage your teams, empowering your business to not just survive, but thrive.

Our platform features tools that meet the evolving needs and address the challenges of remote working, reducing your operating costs by up to 90% compared to the cost of an employee in a physical office, and launching in under an hour, hassle-free.

Schedule your free demo today to see ConnecteXe in action and enhance your remote team's well-being, no matter where they are.

How Does It Work?
Connect ● Co-Work ● Communicate
Team Insights
Collaboration Feature
Using smart search, you get to view a detailed list of all rooms in real-time including active members in a room, the time duration of every user logged into the virtual office on that day, and online vs. offline users.
Virtual Hop
Collaboration Feature
Upon entering a room, you can view all active team members seated at their desks where you get to zoom in and out across the room, click on any team member to initiate an action or get info, and many more.
Public Chats
Collaboration Feature
Share ideas over the room’s public chat window for a collaborative discussion among team members.