Empower your employees to achieve peak productivity and efficiency

eXe-HXM (Human Experience Management) is a comprehensive suite of tools providing employee's scorecard for clarity on goals and jobs, cutting-edge automation tools to streamline operations, and curated content for enhanced competency

Twelve 52 and One

What truly distinguishes us is our exceptional capability to implement he disruptive "Twelve 52 and One" methodology for managing employees.

Our virtual office promotes unparalleled employee dedication and engagement, enterprise activity maximizes efficiency, and score card measure the final result. eXe-HXM is fully modular and highly customizable system, tailored your organization's needs in days.

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Track Employee Results Monthly
Gain insights into employee performance and progress on a monthly basis, enabling strategic decision-making and continuous improvement.
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Assess Efficiency Weekly
Review employee efforts and dedication on a weekly basis to ensure alignment with goals and targets, fostering productivity and growth.
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Monitor Daily Virtual Attendance
Keep track of daily virtual attendance to promote accountability and engagement, enhancing team collaboration and overall efficiency.
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It's a Journey!

stemeXe HXM is not just a solution; it's a journey towards an organization where every employee thrives, every process is streamlined, and every decision is data-driven.

By implementing stemeXe, you're not just growing your business, You're transforming it.

stemeXe HXM: Feature Highlights
Integrate and run StemeXe within days

"Small businesses make up over 95% of the companies in a country. My vision is for them to be 100% successful in tomorrow's digital world."

Ahmad El Chayati — Founder and CEO of StemeXe

Organizations that effectively apply HXM can achieve these Impacts on employees

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