Software Guarantee: How to Make Sure You Get a Great ROI

Abed al hadi Fleifel
November 3, 2022

What’s the problem with software these days?

Most software vendors and providers are only interested in selling their solutions regardless of whether the software will benefit the customer.

But there’s a better way. You can ensure that the software you choose will give you a high ROI with a software guarantee.

My friend’s costly mistake (don’t do this when buying software)

My friend just got married.

He lives in his two-bedroom apartment. It's spacious and well-designed. It's close to his workplace and very accessible.

During one of my visits, he excitedly showed me a key.

He looked like someone who just won the lottery.

He was so happy because he had just rented a four-bedroom apartment.

I felt happy for him, too. That’s before he explained further.

He doesn't know when he will move to the new apartment. He just got married, and he might not need four bedrooms.

The four-bedroom apartment is smaller in space with fewer features than his apartment.

I was confused, so I asked:

“I don’t get it. Why did you rent it?”

He said:

“You know, in the future, I might have kids, and the landlord convinced me after he gave me a big discount.”

A year later, I visited him in that same two-bedroom apartment.

He hadn’t moved yet. But he was still paying rent for the other apartment.

When I asked him about it, he replied a bit ashamed:

"It seems I paid a high amount of money for just a key. I don’t know how I fell for it. I suppose I need to be smarter next time.”

Why do businesses make similar decisions when buying software?

I am not sure who to blame for my friend’s poor decision. My friend for not being smart or the landlord who deceived him.

The point is: The same happens with software purchases all the time.


Many software vendors and service providers are only interested in selling their products. But they’re not interested in knowing if the customer will use the software or not.

With the introduction of the cloud, most international software vendors get into a race on who will sell more cloud subscriptions.

They target their existing customers who previously purchased their software.

And these vendors use every trick in the book to ensure that their customers pay in advance for their online subscriptions.

These customers pay significant amounts of money for these subscriptions, but they never use them. They pay for the key, like my friend, and the myth of being "cloud-ready."

Business is based on ethics, and whatever the circumstances, companies shouldn't sell their customers a product they won’t use.

That should be part of their core values.

Vendors shouldn't sell or charge their customers for any product or service unless it will do a specific job and add value to the customer.

What if you could be sure that your investment will have a positive ROI?

At StemeXe, we have a core standard:

We don't sell what our customers won’t use, and we will never charge unless the customer confirms that the value is realized.

What does this mean?

We give you a software guarantee so that you can be sure that your investment will produce a positive return on investment.

After all, why pay for something that isn’t a sound investment for you?

Start buying software that has the best return today

There you have it. A software guarantee will help you make sure that your investment pays off.

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