Effective Software: How to Transform Your Company

Ahmad El Chayati
December 8, 2022

How can effective software transform your company? The thing is:

Thanks to digital tools, there are plenty of jobs that could be done more effectively in your organization. 

That’s what software can help you with.

How Carrier Pigeons Were Replaced With Digital Tools

Humans have always needed to transform tasks or jobs that weren’t effective enough.

Let me explain:

Carrier pigeons were used to pass messages from one person to the other.

With time, these pigeons were replaced with digital tools. Although most of us definitely like pigeons more than these tools, no one is using pigeons anymore for this purpose. Even if you decided to use them, no one would receive your messages.

Why did we replace these lovely carrier pigeons with tools? The answer is simple.

The new tools that were invented, like the telephone, the fax machine, email, SMS, and instant messaging, are doing the job more effectively than pigeons. Pigeons definitely look better than all these tools. But pigeons couldn’t improve their skills to compete with these tools.

Now, the job is still the same- you want to send a message to someone else.

However, we humans are innovators, and we are always trying to find ways to do the job more effectively.

All these years, we kept hiring tools with new skills to ensure we were doing the job in a better way. We fired the pigeon to hire the fax machine. And then we hired email. Currently, we are using instant messaging.

What is Digital Transformation?

‘Digital transformation’ is such a buzzword. But if you think about it, you realize it’s just a continuation of what we used to do before.

However, this time, we are using digital tools to do the job.

And that’s precisely what you do with digital tools and capable software.

You take a task that could be done more effectively, and you use digital tools to make it work better for you.

Transformation is constant. Everyone around you is transforming their organizations. Because that’s the only way to survive and thrive.

Your best competitive advantage is to improve the way tasks are done at your company.

StemeXe for Digital Transformation

StemeXe is a managed team of digital applications that are doing specific jobs for small and medium-sized customers. StemeXe will provide you with a suite of apps whose main objective is to ensure a smooth digital transformation journey.

This Increases Corporate Efficiency and Productivity in the Following Areas:

  • Team alignment
  • Employee management
  • Digital library for company assets
  • Strategy and Performance
  • Suppliers and invoices
  • Process automation
  • Digital presence and lead generation
  • Customers and opportunities
  • Projects and engagements
  • Business intelligence financial report

How to Digitally Transform Your Organization

There you go.

Now you know why you need to use an effective software to upgrade your tasks.

After all, doing so will enable you to keep up with the competition. Just like people who use carrier pigeons today would be out of business fast, you can’t continue to use old ways of doing things if you want to stay competitive.

Digital Transformation
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